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The Body Knows How To Sing

Excerpt from a Teacher Training Virtual Session taught by Marisa Michelson:

The body knows how to sing when we don’t get in its way. Isn’t that remarkable?

Of course, the body is not born knowing how to sing classical arias or to sing like a Broadway star. And we will always get in our bodies’ way - that’s living, that’s being human. 🌗 BUT any philosophically sound training needs to begin from place that honors the inherent brilliance of the body. A place that seeks to cultivate an environment in which this inherent brilliance can flourish. How gorgeous is that!

From THAT place, then, comes a relationship to one’s singing (and to life) that is freer, more authentic, and more alive. That is the core, the center point, the place of power for your voice-making. And then from there, the training of the singer (and human) can and must get more specific in order to advance.

But so many people lose sight of this core tenet. Don’t! Do you believe your body needs to be mechanically pushed, changed, and controlled in order to sing well or live well? Is it possible to imagine a different reality which roots us into our deepest selves and connects us to the miracle of what it means to be alive, have a body, and sing in the first place?


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