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I am obsessed with all the magic that is the singing, voice-giving, expressive human. This is my greatest passion, a calling that I’ve dedicated myself to for over two decades.

I am radically present with every student I work with. Working with me is healing and holistic; intuition supported by intellect and years of experience.


I believe in a paradigm shift for singing, voice giving, being an expressive Human Being, and being an artist. The process itself must be rooted in an understanding of the whole human being including nervous system, body, psyche, and spirit. 

What are Vocal De-Armoring Sessions

& Voice Lessons like?  

Sessions may be playful; deep; inquisitive; pleasurable; challenging; rigorous; healing.

Through carefully crafted somatic exercises that attend to your physical body and your nervous system, we work together to release your specific physical tensions, and to notice and healthily express your emotions.

With your consent, in-person sessions usually involve touch, massage, and tapping. Virtually, we work with self-touch.


Depending on your desires and interests, we may work with your body, your imagination, your emotions, your life force, and your spiritual longings.  

Any path towards greater artistry must itself be artistic, and so sessions are creative and finely tuned to your individual story and constellation.

Through exercises that work with tuning into your authentic somatic and emotional experience, we practice staying connected to your Self while you voice your Truth.


If you're a singer, we are aiming for vocal virtuosity! - and - developing one’s body and voice goes hand in hand with psycho-emotional-physical-spiritual health in general. You will discover more possibilities within your range. Your singing will become simultaneously more flexible and more powerful.  Through exercises that unlock your musical imagination, we will awaken your innate musicianship.​

If you're looking to speak more freely, we will work with sounds, vowels, consonants, song lyrics or poetry, and conversation to go on a journey of vocal repatterining. 

If you want to go deep, this path is not for the faint of heart. The practice of unleashing your voice is inner work.  In the end, for some of us, this work becomes a life-long path of devotion to the Great Mysteries. 

Vocal De-Armoring is an offshoot of the Libero Canto School, and is always evolving as I evolve.  



Virtual & In-Person 1:1 Deep Work


Inquire to receive a list of current offerings and rates


Vocal De-Armoring™ Membership Channel


A virtual membership space (via Mighty Networks). This channel includes practice videos, readings, community conversations space and continued learning that is both theoretical and practical.  There are live classes taught by Marisa, other apprentices and Vocal De-Armoring graduates, and guest teachers. 

Depth Days 

A full, custom-designed day in-person (NYC or Ancram, NY) with Marisa to go deeper into de-armoring, music, self-expression through voice, shaking loose, unraveling, aliveness, composing from the body, and more, depending on your desires. 

Begins with an hour-long zoom meeting to discuss your desires and begin creating your custom plan.  Completes with an hour-long zoom follow-up.  

Apprenticeship & Teacher Training


An intimate year-long Vocal Pedagogy and Vocal De-Armoring Mentorship for Professional Vocal Coaches, Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Bodyworkers, etc. 

Open primarily to long-time students of this work. 

Working with Marisa has been

an ecstatic awakening to my own self.

"Working with Marisa has been an ecstatic awakening to my own self. In my time with her I have touched places of grief and longing; I have felt into my own desire and engaged in playfulness in a way I had only ever imagined. All of these experiences have been embodied expressions of the moment that connect me more fully to the past, the present, and the future.  The courage to step into myself in this way has felt possible only in the resonance of relationship and witness.  I trust Marisa.  


Her willingness to feel into her student with total awareness and her acute perception, of what is most alive in the moment, is a kind of magic that has brought me to other worlds and lifetimes.


These are the things I had not expected. I had hoped for a letting go of long held tension in my throat and my voice, a felt sense of constriction I could not seem to release., This is beginning to unfold and soften in its own time, in its own beautiful way.  I am in no rush to arrive anywhere,  just utterly grateful to be in process with this work and this remarkable teacher.."

Pilar Gizzi, psychotherapist


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