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A community membership program

In this evolving path, you get to be in more intimate and regular connection with me and the amazing humans doing this work.

Membership includes: 


  • Monthly live virtual group classes taught by Marisa

  • Opportunities to connect live around topics hosted by Marisa and others such as: Voice & Tantra; Men & Expressing through Voice; Broadway & this Path; Voice & the Nervous System, and more

  • Access to weekly asynchronous Marco Polo Video teachings 

  • A cohort where you can communicate with and sing for others in the program

  • Readings

  • Additional Resources 


Who is this for? 

  • This program is a supplemental space designed for current or former students who already have a basic body-understanding of this path and want to go deeper into the practice in community with other rockin' humans.  

  • If you have participated in one of my programs or worked with me privately you are likely eligible to join - if you aren't sure, reach out 



This membership is currently only offered for students who have completed my 3 month 1:1 container. 

Then you have two options: ​​

Deep Practice I ($36/month) for the channel teachings only

Deep Practice II ($54/month) includes at least one (usually more) live virtual group class each month.

Stay in touch and get updates on upcoming programs and workshops 

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