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a wonderful, alive, supplemental community membership program

Work in a self-directed manner, following teaching videos on your own!

As well, by joining this channel, you get to be in more intimate and regular connection with me and the other wildly inspiring humans doing this work

Membership includes: 


  • 1 - 4 group classes taught by Marisa each month!

  • A monthly group practice accountability class lead by Vocal De-Armoring graduate and Broadway performer, Margo Seibert

  • Additional live virtual classes by guest teachers

  • Access to a library of video teachings by Marisa and Vocal De-Armoring Apprentice, Shawn Shafner

  • Monthly discussion groups around a topic such as "authenticity" or "pitch" or "the speaking voice" 

  • A cohort where you can communicate with and sing for others in the program

  • Readings

  • Additional Resources 

  • Discounts for other classes and for private sessions


Who is this for? 

You! Anyone! Learn in a self-directed manner at your own pace.  


This membership channel is intended to be more easily accessible for people who want to dip their toes into this work-play, without necessarily committing to many private sessions.  

This would be a great supplement for you if you study with one my apprentices or graduates, but want to be in community with me as well. 


If you experience vocal pain, or if you lose your voice regularly, I will recommend you learn with a teacher instead of on your own.  This is why I'll ask you to contact us for the sign up link, rather than making it available here.  



This membership is currently included for students in my six-month Devotional Path

You have three sliding scale options to choose from.  All tiers include the same material and access to the same videos and classes!  The tiers are different in price only - and you choose.  

I recommend this if you need help deciding which one is appropriate for you.  Thank you! ​​




Stay in touch and get updates on upcoming programs and workshops 

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