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Practicing a Piece: A Demonstration

Hi there! Yesterday three of my students watched me practicing (and practiced alongside me).

They said it was useful

So I’m inspired to share some practicing with you as well.

This video is from a few days ago. I’m working with the first verse of the piece “O che felice giorno.” I am bouncing on an exercise ball the entire time to help encourage my torso to let go so my diaphragm can better take over.:

1. First I sing the melody using specific combinations of consonants and vowels that address a few holding patterns I sense in my tongue and lips.

2. Then I sing the melody on ahhh, now allowing the specific releases to continue happening in my body but now on a more subtle level without those same direct choices.

3. Finally I sing twice with the words, now putting my full attention on the music/melody and just singing. In my practicing, I don’t focus on what it sounds like AT ALL. I practice attending to the activity of singing music, and with curiosity I let the rest unfold.

I’ll be talking more soon about the idea of action versus result and why it’s important. But I’m trying to balance conceptual videos with examples so that we do not ever leave the core embodiment behind. Peace! Hope this serves you.


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