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"I want to assist people in accessing their fullest and truest expression, free of force, tension, constriction of their full essence. I want to help people heal their relationship to their own sound. To rehuman through singing and movement - bringing in full permission, authenticity, to free their bodies, breath, voice. To help make speaking and singing easier for people. To help make expression easier for people. To offer a truer path than “do mi mi mi mi mi up a scale and lift your soft palate, followed with a primal scream” that honors the process versus the outcome or goal. To support and honor other people’s path of self-discovering/self-knowing with curiosity. To guide people back to themselves, to the intelligence of their own bodies, and aliveness, so that it is their own uncoverings with me as their witness.
To bring more BREATH and ALIVENESS to this WORLD!"

Meryl Yecies’ painful vocal journey began after being diagnosed with a "vocal cord paresis" five years ago. Unable to sing or speak without pain, she began working with voice doctors and voice-oriented massage therapists and other healers in search of some relief. When she began working with Marisa, immediately it felt like there was a cascade of unlocking and unraveling that happened inside her body and psyche.  As she began to sense that this work could create lasting change, her body said yes to this path.  In many ways, this path offers a kind of embodiment of freedom that so many other professionals speak about, but aren’t working with in practice. Meryl is emerging from a long and difficult time even more fully and authentically expressed than she was even before her injury.


She has a strong intuition for noticing where energy is blocked in the body and looks forward to offering healing work that uses voice and breath to support people in letting go.  She is a Reiki practitioner and holds women's circles.


Meryl also runs a crystal business selling gems that she gathers and collects. You can find her shop on Instagram @embodiedgems.

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