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AlYsa Ain


"Freeing the voice through freeing the body, freeing mind and spirit through freeing the voice…over and over again, I find that this work offers an experience of authenticity and aliveness, and a means of locating and expressing true desire, unmatched by any other practice or modality that I’ve come across.


It has unmeasureably deepened my understanding of what it means to heal, to integrate, and to be with; it has been a crucial part of my own therapeutic journey, and has made me a wiser, more holistic, and more creative healer for others.


This work feels like a calling, and I am so energized when I imagine what might unfold as I weave more and more body and voice into my clinical practice." 

Alysa Ain is a musician and psychotherapist based in Washington, DC, dedicated to exploring the path to freer and freer singing as a way to individual and collective truth and wholeness. 


Improvisation and Core Sounding™ are a central focus of hers in this apprenticeship, and she is fascinated by the ways that intersubjectivity, co-creation, desire, and aliveness manifest in both musical and healing spaces. She is also deeply interested in investigating embodiment, relationality, and space holding from a holistic vocal pedagogy perspective.


Alysa holds a Masters in Social Work from NYU and a JD from Harvard Law School; critical theory, particularly in the areas of feminism and race, is a foundational influence on her approach to all of her work, alongside her 13+ years of Buddhist practice and study. A violist by training, her primary musical lineage is Western classical, within which her most beloved spiritual inspiration is the music of JS Bach.

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