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Early Interdisciplinary

Voice Becoming


A one year intensive collaboration with Israeli vocalist/composer, Faye Shapiro in 2010-2011.

We created, developed and performed the piece in Hudson, NY at the Basilica LIVE LINK: and in Great Barrington, MA. We then traveled to Switzerland to continue work and were produced at the Goetheanum. LIVE LINK:


Where does the voice come from, how does it move through us, through space, through bodies? How does it move between singers? How do two voices hold their own identity even as they weave together? What are the colors and textures unique to the voice? What are the melodies of the soul? What is distinct about expression through singing and through song? What are the stories we can tell and how can we tell them in a way that involves one´s whole being? How does breathing connect to singing in a free and spontaneous way, illuminating the depths of the singer´s heart? What are the feelings we can create together and with the audience? These are some questions they´ve been exploring individually and together through singing, moving, and storytelling. To now, the work is inspired by the texts of the Ancient prophets, and by the voice of Charlotte Solomon.

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