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Unleash the

radiant creature inside of


Embedded in your body-mind-spirit-voice are wild truths


De-Armor Your Voice to know these truths and to

sing with freedom, speak without pain, and express your Aliveness

“[Marisa Michelson]…

MARIA POPOVA, The Marginalian



I work with people who want to liberate themselves

for the sake of



This includes:

& who know singing & voice-giving is A WAY

Professional Singers on and off Broadway seeking more freedom, artistry and mastery 

Opera and Western Classical Singers who experience extraneous tension, tightness, or discomfort when they sing


Therapists (psychologists, psychotherapists, SE practitioners, bodyworkers) seeking to explore the fertile territory of the voice for the sake of their healing and the healing of their clients
Any singer experiencing pain, hoarseness, dryness, or fatigue, or seeking to heal from certain vocal injuries


C-Level Executives who want to speak with more Truth and Confidence and learn to connect to their own Power and Aliveness 

Instrumentalists and Composers who want to develop deeper embodied musicianship through Vocal De-Armoring™ practices 


Breathwork Facilitators who want to discover a spontaneous and free way of breathing that will support their Breathwork practices  


Sacred Sex Practitioners who want to access even more pleasure and ecstasy through Vocal De-Armoring


Voice Teachers looking to level-up their pedagogic intuition and skill


Any human seeking to connect with their inherent life force

"Marisa Michelson is a


"Marisa Michelson is a genius. I come from an opera background later pulled into musical theater and jazz, and this is my first time working with someone who is more interested in authenticity than anything else. She is somehow able to capture the purest form of music that erupts from an experience within our bodies and is never interested in imposing any sort of ideal sound on to the people with whom she collaborates. Her philosophy of music is unique and it is a privilege to be in the same room with her."

SEPIDEH MOAFI (The L Word: Generation Q; HBO's The Deuce; Black Bird)


Hi, I'm Marisa

Marisa is a veteran teacher, guide, and mentor.  She is also an accomplished and award-winning composer of music-theatre, oratorios, choral works, and more.  (For her professional bio and CV, click!)

For over two decades she has lived her life unwaveringly devoted to deeper and deeper creative, vocal, musical and pedagogical practice. 


Fiercely following her soul’s calling and pursuing her passions since she was a child, she began singing and playing piano at age five, acting at age six, and composing her own (unruly, dissonant, chaotic!)  piano pieces at age nine.

At the same time, certain experiences lodged themselves in her body, expressing via panic attacks, chronic pain, disordered eating, and a debilitating insomnia that began as a young teenager and lasted for years. 


Needless to say, this impacted her breathing and her singing and her Existing.   


While on the one hand music, composing, writing songs, and acting and singing provided ways to express a rich inner world full of spiritual longing, at the same time (and despite being a naturally gifted singer),  singing began feeling more and more cumbersome and unsatisfying.  Sometimes it was even physically painful.


 A professional singer early on, many of the best of the best teachers tried to  “help” her via all sorts of mechanistic directives about how to manipulate her body in order to sing better.  


But none of these instructions “worked,” except sometimes as a bandaid. In fact, such directives made everything feel more difficult.  And that made things worse because it compounded her already present story that there was something wrong with her.  


So many people carry this story about themselves...




Come for the day, or stay the night. Stay for the night or stay for three nights.  Stay for three nights or stay for the week (you get the idea!)  


Lessons, lessons, lessons!  Learn through observing and perceiving.  Grow through being witnessed.  


We will gather together through our shared mesmerization (it’s a word!) around all things singing, voice, breath, soma, life-force, creativity and play.  


Marisa singing Fever of Love, from her composition, Song of Song of Songs, Part III of her DESIRE|DIVINITY PROJECT

I would not have found my voice again

"It's no exaggeration to say that working with Marisa turned my life around. I came to her in a time of despair after nearly a year of trying various teachers, practices, and approaches to tending a vocal injury that was deeply impacting my life and work. She stayed with me through some initial weariness and hopelessness, gently and lovingly inviting me into deeper accountability to the practice at a moment when I really needed someone else's commitment to me and my ability to heal. The results were transformative and life-altering. I'm in awe of and grateful for her patience, gentleness, silliness, brilliance, and care without which I would not have found my voice again."

JOSHUA BLAINE, Songleader/Songcatcher/Men’s Work Coach


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